Are you looking to sell your Mining business?

Are you looking to do it in a way where neither your customer base and employees nor your creditors and suppliers know about it? 


Our entire process is done discreetly where all qualified buyers enter into non-disclosure agreements prior to learning about the business. Fees - Fees will only be charged after a successful sale has taken place and your mining company has been sold. There will be no cost to the seller 'up front’.


All buyers sign non-disclosures before learning anything about a business. We will not disclose a business before, during and after the sale

Qualified Buyers

All buyers are qualified by financial capability and experience and credit should financing be needed. When our broker brings you a buyer, he/she has the ability to follow through

& Experience

We have completed the BSN Certification and training classes. We are supported by our corporate support mechanisms and we are active in the local community 

Why use us to sell your business?

Confidentiality is Priority #1

Our procedures are proven! We sell existing businesses under strict non-disclosure and privacy agreements designed to keep the sale strictly confidential to the qualified buyers. And we only bring qualified buyers to you!

AJ Thompson Business Services together with Broker Service Network provides a wealth of confidential business brokering and marketing experience to this project.

Pete Thompson, Owner and President of AJ Thompson Business Services, has been an active broker with Broker Service Network since February 2003.  After graduating from Ohio University with a degree in Accounting, Pete worked as a senior auditor with Coopers & Lybrand, as a corporate controller for a company listed on NASDAQ and as a CFO for three private companies.  He also has his real estate license with South Realty.  He is the former President of the Central Ohio Business Brokers Assoc.